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CGILua message

Lua error on configuration (or extension)

  Error:    unexpected type to index table
  Active Stack:
at C code
function _ERRORMESSAGE at //S//cgi/cgilua/cgilua.conf/pos_env.lua, 118
function _initStart at //S//sys/reader/start.lua, 252
main of //S//sys/reader/start.lua, 379
function old_dofile at C code
function dofile at //S//cgi/cgilua/cgilua.conf/pos_env.lua, 903
main of string " write("") dofile(ReaderDir.."start.bin") write("\n") det", 2
function dostring at C code
function: 003BEB50 at //S//cgi/cgilua/cgilua.conf/preprocess.lua, 232
function: 00431D80 at //S//cgi/cgilua/cgilua.conf/preprocess.lua, 249
function: 00412158 at //S//cgi/cgilua/cgilua.conf/cgilua.lua, 633
function: 004123B0 at //S//cgi/cgilua/cgilua.conf/cgilua.lua, 685
main of //S//cgi/cgilua/cgilua.conf/cgilua.lua, 1197

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